American Express or Amex is an international financial services corporation, which is most famous for their credit card in the name of American Express card or Amex card. New users of American Express card who received their card recently can activate their card online using

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American Express Credit Card

Amex cards are one of the most popular credit cards in the US. It is used by everyone, it’s as popular as VISA or MasterCards. There are many types of Amex cards, under the following categories:

  • Travel Cards
  • Cashback Cards
  • Rewards Points Cards
  • No Annual Fee Cards

Things you can manage from your account after confirming your card online

After confirming you card on, you can login to your account and do the following functions using your account:

  • Assessment billing statements online
  • Dispute approximately charges
  • View and manage gift transactions
  • Pay your invoices online

and much more.

How to activate your American Express card?

The service to activate your Amex Card on is available 24/7 on the official website. Follow the steps given below for that:

  1. First, you need to visit the official webpage of You can visit them using the button given below this.
  2. Now on this page, you can see a huge credit card style page.
  3. Enter your 15 digit card number from your credit card on the space given on the middle.
  4. Also enter the 4 digit security code on the space given. It can be found on the back of your card.
  5. On the next page, you’ll see that it’ll ask for registering a new account.
  6. You need to click there and then create your own username and password. Also, you must create new security questions and more on the page.

After completing these steps, you’ll be able to use the card, and also use the user name and password you created to check the balance and other details online on their website.

About American Express Credit Card

American Express offers a wide range of cards such as debit, credit or MasterCard. It offers loads of privileges along with them such as discounts, points, and coupons. They have become marvelously famous for their exceptional services throughout the world. The documentation process of these cards is also kept simple, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about before obtaining this card. These are one of the best credit cards circulating today in the society.


There is a certain criterion used for this card while obtaining it.

  • The person opting for the card should be able 18 years of age.
  • He/she should not be a defaulter in any its payments irrespective of its nature.
  • There should be a bank account in the respective bank.

Avail the benefits

American express membership simply does not mean having a card. It provides loads of more privileges along with the card. Each of the cards comes with a variety of services which are extremely convenient to use if you are traveling, shopping or anything. It is extremely safe and protects your identity and account information.

Different types

American express not only offers a credit card facility, but it has its network of various kinds of credit cards. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The Amex everyday credit card from American express
  • Blue cash everyday card from American express
  • Blue cash preferred card from American express
  • Premier rewards gold card from American express.
  • Platinum card from American express
  • Starwood preferred guest credit card
  • Simply cash plus business credit card from American express.
  • Business gold reward cards from American Express OPEN

There is a credit card for each working from American express. You can now avail the benefits by selecting any one of them.

Amex Card Customer Service

If you encounter any kind of issues while doing the above given steps on the website, you can contact American Express card customer service on the number given below:


Or you can get email support from them by mailing them on:

I hope we cleared your mind on AMEX card you received and helped you in activating the same on Also you can rate American Express using the rating button given below.

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